Wednesday morning was amazing! First we went to Candy Cake. Yes it was a bakery, but it’s also a full-sized restaurant with a great breakfast menu. The highlight of the breakfast was the French toast made with cream cheese frosting and topped with ice cream. Candy Cake is very American-friendly: from the name and English menus to the fun, artsy signs that you would find at Hobby Lobby. After we stuffed ourselves at Candy Cake we went to 2 Fish, where they provide meals and a service to those who are in need. I personally was able to help skin potatoes, cook and clean chiles for the day’s meal. Three of us led worship, then a few shared their testimonies and someone shared a little bit from the Bible. While the service was going several people were painting a room for a family moving on Thursday or Friday! After everyone was fed, we were able to eat together, not without a few of us eating some pretty hot peppers.


The last night of the collision.

We started the night off by praying for the spirt of the lord to move in the church. We prayed for peoples hearts to be opened and for the lord to speak. The lord did speak! We worshiped with the local worship team and sang our hearts out in Spanish even though we didn’t quite understand everything. After that our own Pastor Josh preached the word to the church while we took the student upstairs to play games and share a word with them. Kaylee and Paco shared their sermons on what God’s Will looks like practically in life. And then Elijah and Taylor spoke on boldness. As an action call we gave the students two pieces of paper and asked them to write down what they got from the conference and on the other paper what the wanted to surrender to the Lord. It was fun to see the students write things down that they wanted to surrender and then rip the paper off to show that they made a step.

I personally got to see one of my girls life get touched. I couldn’t understand her all the way, but by her actions I saw that God did something in her heart. It’s like he revealed to her once again that He wasn’t done with her, that he has her on this earth for a purpose. I got to tell her that she does have a calling and that she’s amazing! God is doing amazing things!

We ended the service and hung out with the people a little bit and then headed to get Mexican hot dogs. Like hot dogs but with a little more of everything on them. They were delicious! I had a few of them.

And that concludes Wednesday night.