We started our day off with a breakfast of eggs and tamales. From there we dressed up in our neon gear to stand out for Jesus as we went to go facilitate VBS (vacation bible school) for the kids of Peñasco. The kids from around the area worked on color sheets, got their faces painted, and got to play soccer. The kids got to hear the good news of the gospel and how they can be a light for Jesus in any circumstance. The VBS was held at 2Fish, the feeding ministry, where there was then a service for said ministry and Hayley, Logan and Elijah got to share their stories with the people who attended the service.


After the 2 Fish service we went back to the mission center and got ready to go to the beach. Conrad, Heidi,  Emma and Max joined us on the bus and we headed out. First we went to the beach area and hung out in the sun. We swam in the ocean and some people tried mangos and virgin Pina colada’s. Some of the students rented some jet skis and did that for an hour. Others went four wheeling in the sand dunes. Those who stayed on the beach got to hang out and enjoy one another’s company. After leaving the beach, we stopped at some grocery stores to get the ingredients for Conrad’s carne-asada. We went back to the mission center and all got ready for dinner. We are outside on Conrad and Heidi’s porch and heard the story of how they met. We ended the evening by praying for Conrad and Heidi. I am so thankful for the wisdom and kindness they have shown us this past week.