“This is the confidence we have in approaching God:
that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.
And if we know that He hears us–whatever we ask–
we know that we have what we asked of Him.”
1 John 5:14-15

Sometimes I think that the way we live in America leads us to miss out a little bit on the power of prayer. We have food accessible to us whenever we want it, even to the point that we can download an app and have our favorite meal delivered to our homes in less than an hour. We have health insurance, and hundreds of incredible doctors in our city whom we can see right away if we have a medical need. We have clean drinking water within our homes, moments away any time we are thirsty.

All of these things are incredible blessings, don’t get me wrong, but they create a false sense of not needing God to provide, which can lead to a lack of prayer. Today in Kenya, we learned a little something about the power of, and the need for, prayer.

This morning, we visited Yao Kamolo Primary School. Similarly to yesterday, we met some staff members and then broke off in pairs to visit the different classrooms. Some pairs shared their testimonies, some taught the students games, and Linda and Rob even had the opportunity to read to their class a children’s book (My Father’s House, written by Linda’s cousin) about hope and how Jesus helps us find a new home.

After my partner Steve and I talked with the students about David and Goliath, and how Jesus gives us courage, I headed outside to play football with the 2nd and 4th graders (I’m getting a lot of soccer practice in… if anyone knows any professional teams who are scouting, give them my number). And in the middle of a game, a 2nd grader named Abel grabbed the ball and said, “we forgot to pray! Let’s pray now”. All the students came running, put their arms around each other, and asked me to pray over them. As I prayed, there was a smattering of giggles running through the group–they think the way we talk is HILARIOUS–and Abel stopped the prayer and said, “do not laugh, she’s talking with God.”

What a humbling and inspiring moment, learning about the importance of prayer from a 2nd grader in Kenya. In that moment, I was reminded of 1 John 14-15, and the confidence we have in turning to God in prayer. I hope Abel’s words remind YOU of the confidence you have in talking with Jesus.

We then headed over to Nyawino Primary School. As before, we started with meeting the staff members. This time, the Headmaster shared with us some of their current struggles within the school, which include but are not limited to:

  • 150 of the 450 students are orphans
  • The school currently only has 3 latrines; to meet standard, they need 6 more but cannot afford to build even 1
  • They had to shut down the lunch program they were running to feed the orphans at lunch time
  • They are 4 classrooms short of what they need; currently, they are so crammed into the buildings they have that 4-5 students have to share one desk
My heart broke as we listened to the needs of the school, and I left that meeting feeling discouraged: where can they even start on improving their current situation?? I was reminded of Abel, and what he taught me about the power and importance of prayer.

After meeting with the teachers, we went outside where the whole student body was awaiting us. We had the pleasure of watching the students perform several different dances and songs for us, and we even had the EXTREME pleasure to be included in one of the dances (where both our group and the students quickly learned that Harry is the best dancer on our continent and theirs! As he put it, “Better to be a fool for Jesus, than a genius for satan!”) We again broke into pairs to go to the classrooms. The best part for me was when we told the students we had brought them soccer balls and colored pencils, and they cheered their little hearts out–it’s incredible how something so simple can bring so much joy to them.

Then we headed to Pastor Michael’s church for a lunch break before heading out for the Crusade, which was incredible. We got to meet so many men, women, and children who had come out to hear the Word of God. We worshipped with them, and I can honestly say it was the most incredible worship of my life! Harry said it this way, “We’re all going to sing and dance together in Heaven one day, and right now we’re just practicing!” I think today was the best practice I’ve ever had. Shelbi shared her testimony (and did an AMAZING job), and then we heard from Sammy Wanyonyi. At the end of his sermon, he asked if anyone wanted to accept Jesus, and if anyone needed prayers for healing, and our group got to pray over all of them (once again reminding me how powerful prayer is).

We have 2 more nights of the Crusade, and I am so excited to see how God shows up! I read in Romans 1 today, and these verses stood out to me when I was praying about the Crusade:

Through Him a joy-producing grace cascaded into us,
empowering us with the gift of apostleship,
so that we can win people from every nation
into a faithful commitment to Jesus,
to bring honor to His name….

Love obligates me to preach to everyone,
to those who are among the elite and those who are among the outcasts,
to those who are wise and educated
as well as to those who are foolish and unlearned.
This is why I am so excited about coming to preach
the wonderful message of Jesus to you in Rome.

Romans 1:5 &14-15


Through Jesus, we have been lavished with grace, which gives us POWER to win people from EVERY nation to Jesus. And the love that we have received from Jesus leaves us completely unable to NOT preach His good news to everyone–and that should make us excited to preach to anyone who will listen! I’m so excited to see what God will do through our preaching and praying in the coming days, and I’m also excited to see how God will use ALL of our preaching, in Kenya and in Washington and everywhere else!

So Jesus, we pray that Your grace for us would produce in us a joy that compels us to share Your Word. We pray that You would empower us and bless us as we share Your good news, in Kenya, Spokane, and around the world. We pray that You would show up big time at the Crusade tomorrow and the next day. Amen!

P.S. While we were visiting the schools, Stephen and Chris visited with a group of people about Water Catchment Systems! And if you’re like me and have no idea what that means, let me put that in layman’s terms: they met with a group about building latrines, aka a hole in the ground where the Kenyans go to the bathroom (there’s nothing quite like watching out for bats while you do your business!). Their goal is to build 41 new latrines in the schools here–so amazing! They had the opportunity to go to the hardware store to get some supplies, and God totally showed up–the man helping them at the store has been working in WCS for years, knows all of the men Stephen and Chris were meeting with, and can help them get all of the supplies they need for building–praise the Lord!

~ Alicia