Fiji Team 2019
From left to right: Mackenzie, Jake, Angela, Dana, Ginger, Ceila, Robyn & Sam

Day 1: the journey to Fiji

A small contingent of prayer warriors met us at the airport to send us off. We took pictures and then set off determined to conquer our first objective: get checked in without having to pay extra fees! check. Second objective: get through security. check. Board plane. Take off. Try not to get sick. Then sleep, read, watch movie or all of the above. Land in Salt Lake. Get off plane. Find next gate. Fly to LA. Meet Ginger. Take team pic. Check into Fiji Airways. Try not to get fined. Eat. Board 11 hour flight to Fiji. Sleep, read, watch movie or all of the above. Arrive in Fiji. Clear customs. One final luggage scan. Meet up with the Bickley’s. Check! First day: VICTORY!

View from our apartments.

Day 2:
David, Danielle, their daughters Allison & Clara, & fellow live-in missionary Brandy met us bright and early at the airport. We secured a rental vehicle, ate breakfast, and headed to the apartments we will be staying at for the first portion of the trip. Next on the schedule was a visit to the market to pick up provisions. Then lunch downtown in Lautoka. Next we went to another market to assemble small boxes of essentials.

We then transported these boxes into the hills for the community surrounding the church Life Center helped to build. The group broke up to deliver the boxes. At each house, we prayed for healing & blessings. It’s hard to put into words how powerful these moments are. The people here are receptive to prayer no matter what their personal faith is. Some people have experienced healing in such a miraculous way, that they have become witnesses to God in their community. It’s seriously New Testament stuff!

Then fully wiped out, we stopped for a delicious dinner and finally back to the apartment to sleep. Today we are leading a crusade!


Thank you for your continued prayers; we feel them!

Jeremiah 17:14
“Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved; for you are my praise.”