I thiiiiink today is Saturday and Day 3, but I think most of us have already lost track of the days. 

This trip thus far hasn’t actually felt much like a “missions trip.” Rather than a lot of manual labor, our energies have been focused more on evangelism, prayer, and relationship. In all honesty, this feels way more difficult for me. It’s not because I don’t love people; I think it’s because I’d prefer to have practical objectives that I can achieve so I can feel accomplished. Yet Jesus sets forth for us a more significant objective in the Great Commission. Indeed Jesus’ ministry on earth always started with relationship and demonstrated a genuine concern for people and their souls. That we get to practice being like Jesus in somewhere as beautiful as Fiji is a bit surreal. 

Yesterday, half the team woke up with anticipation for a morning of door-to-door ministry. Our schedule is very fluid and we’ve been prepped for flexibility, so when we learned that we actually had the morning and afternoon off, we adjusted and used our margin time to further prepare messages and plan for church services. We did devotionals together and made lunch in our bnb. 

The Bickleys picked us up and took us into town for an afternoon patisserie. We enjoyed smoothies, pastries and “iced coffees.” An iced coffee here is actually coffee blended with ice cream— basically a frappucino— and it was delightful! 

We loaded back up into the cars and traveled from Lautoka to Sigatoka for our first crusade. The people in my car used the 2.5 hour drive in traffic to tell the extended version of our stories. I’m pretty practiced in the 3 minute version of my story, but I don’t know that I’ve ever actually given a 30 minute version, so it was great to be challenged in that way. 

We arrived in Sigatoka in the middle of worship, which was my favorite part of the day. “Clap offerings” and dancing seemed to be a regular part of the set and it was common to hear shouts of praise. For the last song, we stood in a large circle, holding hands, and sang at the top of our lungs. It really was so much fun! Even when I couldn’t quite understand the lyrics, I loved just being an observer and seeing people express their devotion and adoration to God because “God is good all the time and all the time God is good.” Jake, Robyn and Sam did an excellent job sharing the Gospel and we had the privilege to pray for people. 

We started dinner at around 10pm. All of us ate in true island style using our right hands and no silverware. We fellowshipped with a couple of the Sigatoka pastors then left around midnight. I’m pretty sure we all crashed when we got back to the bnb.

I’ve prayed a LOT since we left on Tuesday. We’re leaning in and open to whatever the Holy Spirit has for us. Your prayers are definitely appreciated!