Fiji. In a word…amazing! The people, the food, the scenery. Amazing.  We have been blessed over and over again by Fijian hospitality. 

On Monday we provided a conference for the youth. Ceila and Mackenzie led worship alongside a Fijian team. Praise and worship music is universal. Even when you don’t understand the words you can feel the Spirit move. 

Dana shared a message about discerning and using the gifts God has given to you. Even a warm smile can convey God’s love. 

Jake and Robyn gave the main messages. Jake preached from Romans 12, “Hate what is bad, really love others, and cling to Jesus!” Robyn explained how to Find/Tell/Bring. Find someone you love, tell them what you know about Jesus, and bring them along with you. 

Robyn led the group through a series of games called “Fiji Quest” which ended with a dance party! It was mayhem at its finest. Sam, Robyn, Jake, Mackenzie, and Ceila were definitely in their element! The kids loved it!

At the end of the conference people came forward for prayer. This is how we end every service. We lay hands on the people and pray. They are hungry for healing, spiritually and physically. 

We said goodbye to Lautoka and drove to Tavua . We have spent a lot of time driving. Our car conversations have covered everything from A to Zed. We go off the highway and drive on narrow, bumpy roads. We have seen cows, chickens, goats, and lots of sugar cane fields. We came to a point where we had to make a decision…turn around or drive through…a river. Sam and David expertly drove us through it! It was exciting. Sam’s usual big smile was even bigger!

The next day (Tuesday for us) we visited many people in their homes. We split up into two teams so as not to overwhelm them. The people love this! They see us coming and they smile and welcome us. Many offer us juice or tea. It is the complete opposite of our USA culture. 

We do the usual “Hello, my name is, how are you” and then we ask how we can pray for them. At the end of our time we invite them to the church service. 

Today I really connected with a widow we visited. She was wearing a purple shirt with funky flowers. Then I noticed she had hearts on her earrings. I told her God gave me hearts all the time to tell me he loves me and that he sent me to see her! I said, “My name is Ginger, like the spice and sometimes I’m a little spicy.” She giggled and said “You’re funny!” 

We prayed for her, invited her to church, and told her we would send a ride. Later that night I went with the Pastor to “pick” her. She was ready! She had a bag of baked goodies that she made for me! But she quickly told me to share :) I was blessed by this act of kindness. 

Many of the people we visited came to church. It was a full house. Ceila and Mackenzie led worship, Angela and I shared our stories, and Sam brought the Word. He read “Jesus said, I am the living water.” You could feel the power of that statement move through the church. I got goosebumps. 

Again, we ended with the team praying for people. We prayed for headaches, swollen joints, wrist pain, back pain, broken relationships, and infertility. Prayers are not always answered instantly but we know Jesus brought healing. 

After the service they brought out snacks for everyone. The people stayed for almost an hour after the service ended. 

Another day in Fiji paradise has ended. We are off to sleep. We are blessed.