It’s strange waking up in a different place on a Sunday. Knowing that I won’t be heading to Life Center and connecting with my usual friends feels strange, but not as strange as remembering that the day that it is here isn’t the day that it is back home.  Either way, It’s Sunday here and we are set to bring the Word of God. 

First, we went to Pastor Luke’s church in Nausori for the 11 O’Clock service.  Running on Fiji time we arrived closer to half past eleven and joined Pastor Luke in the living room of his house.  Like many other churches that we’ve visited across Fiji this church was connected to the Pastor’s house.  The church is a concrete structure with open walls to let the wind through, it holds part of the house on top, with the kitchen and some other bedrooms attached at the sides.  When we enter the service is already going, so we jumped right into worship.  Communion was distributed during worship and we continued to praise and worship.  After that Pastor David introduced us to everyone and we moved right into sharing.  Pastor Ginger began first by sharing a testimony of how when we take our eyes of Jesus we begin to stumble.  She mentioned a couple clumsy moments in her life and connected them to how we can keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.  

I shared the second testimony on serving with kids at Life Center and how God has been teaching me to be more Childlike in my faith and not Childish in the ways of the world.  After the two testimonies, my wife Pastor Robyn preached the Word and shared with the church John 15:1-17. Jesus is the vine and we are the branches, we need to be connected to him. Our lives should look like Jesus and we are at our best when we are connected to Jesus. She preached a great message and we had an amazing time of prayer afterwards.  

After the service we hung out with all the church as we waited for lunch.  During this time I was running around with some of the kids that I had met at our other service from yesterday. We were tracking down all sorts of fruits growing around their property.  We found some guavas and coconuts and some of the older boys cut them open for us to enjoy.  

We soon sat down to enjoy the lunch they prepared for us. It was an incredible Thanksgiving-like feast.  We ate and enjoyed some great fellowship together well into the afternoon before leaving closer to 4 O’clock and heading back to the apartments to rest. 

After catching up one some Rugby World Cup highlights and taking a power nap we loaded back into the cars around 7 O’clock and left for Cadati back to the fourth and final crusade at a church member’s house.  We arrived while they were already worshiping and sharing some testimonies of what God had done so we promptly took our seats and listened in.  

It was a packed house again and the speakers were blaring the worship music to ensure all the neighbors could hear the message.  Shortly after taking our seats the brother MC’ing the night introduced all by name individually and welcomed us.  A couple songs later Mackenzie was welcomed to the stage to share her testimony followed by Dana.  By this time they had told their stories a number of time but this time was seriously the best.  People were moved by their example and encouraged to press into Jesus.  After a few more worship songs in between, Jake took the stage and shared a message of the Resurrection Power of Jesus.  He brought a good word about how we can trust in Jesus with our lives because he has overcome the grave. There is nothing that separates us from the love of Christ.  It was brought perfectly together by Ceila and Mackenzie singing Break Every Chain, and the Holy Spirit, of course.  

There was a time of prayer after the message when basically everyone in the place was coming forward to receive prayer for health, family, and countless other needs.  The whole team responded and began to pray with everyone around them.  Worship continued throughout this time and continued as they started serving a late dinner of curry, rice, tomato chutney, and pori.  We ate and enjoyed fellowship with everyone there.  It was sad to finally leave, knowing that this was goodbye.  We thanked all the Pastors for opening up their homes and churches to us and allowing us to come and speak.  

It was an incredible day of ministry packed with so many events it’s difficult to distinguish.  But we can rest assured that God is alive and at work here in Fiji.