Last night we had a “last supper” of sorts with our SOHI Kenya team and recognized of how deeply each of us has been touched by this experience. There is such an abundance of love, charity and goodwill in the midst of minimal basic resources. The faithfulness of the the Kenyan peoples is amazing and inspiring.

This morning we started the our drive to the Masai Mara. After several hours on the road and a few stops for junk food and fuel we arrived at the entrance to the park.

The “8th wonder of the world” and the “best of Kenya” are labels we have heard to describe it, and they certainly fit! Baboons, Zebras, Toki, Wildebeest, Cape buffalo, Giraffe, Impala, a Hippo and a lioness were all easily spotted by all 3 of our vans just in the way into the safari lodge.

After a scrumptious buffet lunch we had a little time to enjoy the luxurious hotel before out again for more spectacular wildlife and a little thunder and lightning.

We are in another part of Kenya now and transitioning away from some of the “heart tugging” scenes in the villages. Our God is so big and has a plan for those children as well as our own. Again, thank you for your prayers and please continue to remember those so much less materially fortunate than ourselves.

Today was a fast day, a fun day, a lighthearted day. Today was a good day.