Dear family and friends,

The morning started with an exciting early morning balloon ride for 7 of the team, the others had a bit of a sleep in and then another morning safari. After reuniting, we drove for several hours through the Mara to our tent cabin lodging. Along the way we continued to be witness to vast herds of African wildlife. The sheer number and variety of animals as well as ability to get up REALLY close was incredible! They put on a fantastic show for us!!

The accommodations are glamping to the max.

It is a pleasant transition as we process the diametrically opposed sides of Kenya and get closer to coming home. The trip has touched each of us in very special ways; it is clear now that we will return home changed people.

We have seen some of Gods wondrous creations on safari and we have also seen Jesus in a new light at work back in the villages and schools.

Please pray for our loved ones – for their patience and grace when we reunite with them.

Today was full of wonders and delights.
Today was a good day.