Dear family and friends,

Today started with another amazing safari through the exotic animals of the Serengeti. There was a sea of wild beast roaming on the plains for nearly 360 degrees. A brotherhood of young males gave us a shoe and led the way to their pride for a total of 7! and giraffe family bade us farewell as we left the reserve.

We journeyed to Nairobi with a few rest stops along the way and a guardian angel assisting the drivers through some precarious situations.

Tonight we are wrapping up and tomorrow night most of the team will head home. Harry and David will remain for a few extra days.

We have been involved with the vision of Spring of Hope international. Spring = water source and Hope = want of something to happen.

The name at face value is just that. The logo is of water running through the continent of Africa but I am also aware that the words can be looked at from another perspective.

Spring is also a verb of action and Hope can be a noun of expectation and desire. Those are powerful words…. this has been a powerful time in our individual journeys with God as we have seen Kenya and ourselves from a bit of a different perspective.

Please pray for continued success of SOHI and safe travels for us till we are reunited back with you all.

Today was a good day, today was a great day!