David and Harry had breakfast and dinner together but went their separate ways for the day’s activities. David met with the staff at the SOHI office and also made the journey up and down Lake Victoria looking for water hyacinth. Elisha and David gathered some water hyacinth for chopping and for discussion about future approaches to chopping, compressing and delivering the hyacinth for Farming God’s Way.

Harry had a two-hour meeting in the morning with Pastor Michael from the SOHI staff to discuss the needs and possible approaches to assisting the spiritual development committee here in Kenya. Harry also met in the afternoon with Pastor Ken to discuss the evening event where Harry was to preach/teach.

Elisha picked up Harry, David, and Pastor Ken at the hotel after dinner and transported them to the Kenyan Medical Training College Campus in Homa Bay. Harry taught the group of about 60 Christian students from John Chapter 4 about the woman at the well. In the beginning during the lively worship time Harry was lead to turn around find and go back and pray for one of the students. He also got got a word from the Lord which he shared in the very beginning of his message. The word was, “God hears the cry of your heart. You are not forsaken.”

When Harry finished his message he invited Pastor Ken to join him in ministering to the students. As Pastor Ken prayed loudly from the front, Harry mingled in the crowd praying for at least 30 students with raised hands wanting prayer for their particular need. The evening ended with lots of handshakes, smiles, hugs, and pictures as the students were departing.

Praise God.