Just Happened

It just happened in the spring of 2019 that David told Harry that he was going to stay an extra week in the fall once the team returned to America. David just happened to invite Harry also to stay for the extra week. Harry just happened to say yes.

It just happened that a consultant from Kosovo is teaching a seminar at the Cold Springs Hotel at the same time that David and Harry are staying there. The seminar advocates how to pre-plan and provide for children here in Kenya in government budgets. Yesterday Harry just happened to be in the lobby at the same time as the consultant. Harry (in his usual shy manner??) just happened to strike up a conversation with the consultant telling him about SOHI and what we do. The consultant expressed great interest and said that he would like to meet David.

This morning over breakfast that meeting happened. It turns out that the consultant and two of his colleagues also here today just happen to be connected with organizations such as USAID. The consultant from Kosovo also has a wealthy successful friend back home with a construction company that is interested in establishing a footprint in Kenya. This friend just happens to drill water wells and the consultant believes his friend would consider drilling water wells for SOHI at reduced cost. The consultant invited David to join his seminar for the morning where they could have further conversations about the potential of working together. David just happened to accept the consultant’s invitation.

Strategic partnerships can be very valuable to SOHI for ministering here in Kenya. It appears that God is a master of “just happened.” He tells us we don’t have because we don’t ask. Would you please “just happen” to pray for a fruitful outcome from our new friendships?

After breakfast, Elisha picked up Harry and met Pastor Michael at Pastor Samuel’s church for a meeting with the spiritual development committee. It was a fruitful meeting and many things have been identified that can be provided to assist the pastors here in Kenya. Anyone interested?

Elisha, Grace, Pastor Michael, and Harry then drove to the home of Harry’s sponsored child with SOHI. Gifts were given to the sponsored child and his family. While Harry visited with the family, Pastor Michael discussed with the oldest brother (adult) in the family the methods and benefits of Farming God’s Way.

The day ended shorter than most but with much hope for the future. Keep praying. Only a few more days left and it’s a wrap.