Today was a a great day.

We journeyed to Homa Bay prison in the morning and Rachounyo prison in the afternoon.

We spent a fair bit of time in our 2 vans driving to the sites. Along the way we were treated to views of Lake Victoria, fields of banana and papaya trees, corn and other crops not to mention small herds of goats, scattered cattle and chicken. Children and adults alike wave happily at us from the road side  with broad smiles and cheers. The journey provided  time for more chatting amongst ourselves in the vans as we bounced down the road. (Mostly paved and in good shape but some dirt roads had a few might impressive ruts! )

We were welcomed by the inmates with a song about the grace of Jesus. There was a separate section for women at HomaBay and the ladies on the team were able to break away and meet 19 and female inmates while the men in the team stayed with the several hundred male prisoners.

At both prisons, testimonies and sermons were given from some of our team members as well as Kenyan Pastors Ken, Michael and Rafael.  There  was much praising and  fervent singing.We were reminded that our God is able to “fix things”, that in some ways we are all prisoners but Jesus gives us all hope along our journey. He is there for us anytime we call out for him. Through him we obtain the ultimate freedom.

We witnessed many prisoners accepting Jesus and also the conversion of a young Muslim man.

In general, photos were not permitted in the prison.

Before leaving,  we distributed bars of soap and toilet paper that was met with deep gratitude.

Our hotel dinner was again delicious and our fellowship continues to grow as we share this experience with laughter, tears, hugs and prayers.

Please pray for us: in gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the transformative work SOHI is doing as well as for our continued health and strength.