Dear friends and family,

Today we celebrated Sunday Kenyan style. First at worship at Ogande high school -a large boarding school for girls and later a few of us split off to join in at Grace community Pentecostal church.

In both locals, singing was a huge part of the service. They can really belt it out!

The high school girls had an opportunity to meet with the team afterwards and ask a myriad of personal questions- many challenging to say the least.

The church children spontaneously entertained us with more singing. Such precious little ones-the babies suspicious of our lighter skin, the older ones curious and happy to accept offers to touch our hair.

The pastor from the Pentecostal church and his wife hosted lunch for us at his home. After a feast of local dishes we toured the school next to his home. The building is being used whilst under construction due to the growing demand for more classrooms.


Later, we stopped off for a  lesson in the art of soapstone sculpting and a bit of retail therapy. This was followed by the warm hospitality of SOHI’s one and only Grace who treated us to a beverage break in her home.

The warm sunshine was swapped out for a deluge of rain that lasted for several hours. Wet roads contributed to the eyes wide open driving experience on the journey back to our hotel. Our drivers, Sam and Johnathon, did excellent jobs of navigating the road hazards which included motorbikes, minivan buses, cattle, bicycles and pedestrians.

It was a long day.

It was another great day.

Please continue to remember us in your prayers-
We are so thankful for the goodness, grace and glory our lord  is bestowing on us and all his children here in Kenya.