Dear family and friends,

Today was a good day.

We began as an entire team attending day 1 of a 3 day leadership conference. The opening devotion spoke to the power of the word of God to unite, and the unification that comes from doing God’s word.
With the assistance of a translator, our Pastor Joe spoke to the 120+ attendees about “find, tell, bring”.  As you can easily imagine, his usual charisma did not require any translating and the warmth and humor we are all familiar with was easily shared along with the more serious great commission message. We also saw a presentation on ‘Farming God’s Way’ – using what they have: naturally, without tractors, mulch, cool soil temperatures, minimal waste, etc. This is a challenging and revolutionary change to the way farming  has been done.  It is also feeding 16,000 vulnerable kids closer to Nairobi. Several team members stayed and gave presentations on topics such as prayer, mentoring and servant leadership, while about 1/2 went out visiting several schools.

These visits started with the kids running towards our van as soon as we entered their grounds. They wanted to shake our hands and would greet us sooooo enthusiastically.  After formal introductions with administrators and teachers, we would tour the grounds.

Their needs are still great but significant developments have been made. The school reps were happy to show us the pumps, water tanks, wells, and latrines that have been added thanks to SOHI. They are so thankful for the hope we bring as much as the the material help. Sometimes the kiddos would entertain us with songs and shy smiles. Their giggles are absolutely precious and we will have lasting imprints in our hearts.

The  philosophy of helping without hurting and empowering our Kenyan brothers and sisters is not just an ideology. It is very real and a privilege with which to be involved.

Please continue to pray for us as we do good work for the glory of God.

Today was a long day.
Today was a great day.