Dear family and friends,

Today was a good day. We were all able to attend the entire day 2 of the SOHI leadership/discipleship conference. Topics included more about Farming God’s Way, leadership as influence (by our own pastor Joe), qualities of a great leader, time management, winning the day, and servant/shepherd leadership. The speakers were excellent and subject matter well received.

Lunch included another Kenyan feast. This time at nearby pastor Michael’s home. We were treated to: cabbage and carrot salad, beef, fish, chicken, chapati, rice, ugali, potatoes, plus huge platters of watermelon and pineapple for dessert.

Our tummies are not the only thing getting filled. Our hearts and spirits are overflowing with this experience.

We are continually greeted and thanked for coming and bringing hope. We too are receiving so many blessings and are each evolving in our understanding of the grace and mercy showed us in and through Jesus Christ.

Thank you for remembering us and please continue to pray for us and the success of this mission, the SOHI organization and these beautiful Kenyan peoples.