Dear family and friends,

Today was a good day.

We attended some of the last day of the leadership/discipleship conference. Topics included: expanding your leadership capacity, running the race, do you believe this, and finishing well.

Part way through the day, the team split off to visit another school SOHI is involved with.  As appears to be the norm, we were greeted with songs, waves, clapping hands and huge  smiles. We were given a tour of new latrines and the on site water tanks.  Previously, the students walked 4 km to collect it from  the closest pond.

We also saw the classrooms, met with teachers and then handed out pencils, tooth brushes, toothpaste, some soccer balls and jump ropes.

The needs are almost overwhelming and can be difficult to see but it is inspiring to us to see the gratitude and prayers of thanksgivings for what seems like so little. They are such a faith filled people and tell us we bring them hope.

We reunited at the conference for Pastor Joe’s lesson on  discipleship- practical methods of walking with God. This was followed by communion services and song.

The conference wrapped up with requests for and promises of utilizing the information they have been receiving.

Lastly, we were reminded that the Kenyan leaders are growing and getting stronger and our presence is a part of that. When the leaders get better-everyone gets better.

So again, we thank you for your prayers and ask you to include the budding leadership developing here.

It was a long day. It was a full day, it was a good day.