Dear family and friends,

Today has been a full day.

A couple of team members w medical backgrounds split off early to visit the local nursing school and delivery medical books. Most of the team visited a chief from the adjacent region to learn about local government.

We reunited to attend a “handing over” ceremony at a primary school where the water projects are now complete and the school will assume ownership and responsibility. The festivities were held out in the school yard under an awning and some shady trees.

After formal introductions, (faculty, administration, board members, construction committees, parent reps, Kenyan govt. reps and other dignitaries), the students entertained with songs, drama and dance. This was followed by several short speeches followed by ribbon cutting. The phrase “Water is Life” was repeated many times and we are seeing that truth with our own eyes. Before leaving, we received even more hospitality with fresh fruit, ginger snacks and cool drinks then back in our vans for another school for  dedication ceremony. The weather changed quickly and rain resulted in a change of plans. We met teachers, were fed lunch, listened to the downpour inside a tin roofed building and had a more casual “handing over”.  This was followed by SOHI teams of 2-3  meeting for Q&A with students in their classrooms. A spontaneous (and very wet) game developed later when coach Jim gave the boys a football and rudimentary lesson.

Please continue to pray for us and to remember these students who have so much material need but meet  the day with beautiful songs, happy laughter and hopeful spirits.

Today was a day of smiles and laughter; of tangible progress and deepening relationships.

Today was a good day.