Pastor Ken (L) & Pastor Fred (R)

Today completes the last day of ministry for this trip and the last update report.

David and Harry will fly back to Nairobi tomorrow morning. The only thing on the agenda is relaxation. Harry has requested that David not schedule any lengthy drives in Nairobi traffic. As the rest of the team did last week, we will fly out late on Tuesday night arriving back in Spokane Wednesday afternoon.

It was Sunday here. While David attended an old friend’s church, Pastor Ken and Harry traveled by boda boda to the Pentecostal church where Ken and Fred are the pastors.  Arriving a little after 10:00 Harry enjoyed the first sermon and lively worship time until it was his turn to preach starting a little after noon.

On the wall of the church was its mission statement which includes “preaching and teaching the holistic gospel of Jesus Christ for the transformation and fulfillment of lives.”  Pretty much a slam dunk lead in when your sermon includes points such as: “The Key to Victory is Surrender,” “Living in your Identity,” and “It’s about the Holy Spirit having more of you, not you having more of the Holy Spirit.”

Land potentially for SOHI use

Harry asked Pastor Ken to do his Kenyan culturally appropriate Pentecostal response call (as only Ken can do).  Harry worked through the crowd laying hands on and praying for all those who had their hands raised in response. There’s nothing quite like a Pentecostal church service.

Harry and David joined each other back at the hotel. Then Elisha, David, and Harry took another country trip to view more property for potential use by SOHI.

Elisha took David and Harry back to the hotel and returned to the SOHI office. Sometime later Grace, Elisha, Joseph, and Michael met David and Harry at the hotel for dinner and a 3 hour staff meeting.  Harry was even asked to provide some “Mzungu” perspective.  It is encouraging to feel you really are part of a team – a team dedicated to God’s agenda.

The last discussion topic was about USA teams coming over to Kenya next year. You in?