Jambo! (Hello),

We have arrived safe and tired at our hotel. We are disjointed, trying to remember what day it is and even what are names are. Thinking about the fact that we have been traveling for two days sounds like we are crazy (and right now we just might be), but we are safe, thankful, and so excited and blessed to start this journey.

As of right now, most of our time has been spent in airports and airplanes. Although, we did have a 2 hour drive from Kisumu to our hotel here in Kendu Bay.

On this drive, which was a wild one I must add, I found myself asking God how I am supposed to pray for these people here. Seeing different poverty than what we are used to in Spokane, I pray for God to speak into me towards these people, because as of right now, I am not completely sure how to pray for the people here.

Then, I had a thought: As I looked around on the side streets, I noticed how hard every single person was working, even the children. I also noticed how the little kids had their arms wrapped around each other giggling as they kicked dirt up during their, I am sure, long trek home. And how they were constantly smiling as they worked and labored in the heat.

Then, it hit me. Maybe I should be praying and asking what I can learn from these people. Because as of the little slice I have seen, they may not have a lot but their cup is full to the brim.

Time for some sleep-

Kenya Vision Trip Team,
Anna Denham