Today we woke up and went to Omboga Primary school. We spent time individually in each classroom (kindergarten-grade eight) where we had the opportunity to encourage the students in their education and give them a chance to ask any questions. Each class I went to, I asked the students why they came to school everyday. I had got so happy when I heard their answers. They wanted to be teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, a DJ (someone has to do it, right?), pilots, drivers (their taxi systems are called Boda Bodas- little trail bikes), and farmers. 2nd-6th graders (the 7th and 8th graders didn’t say much) having big dreams like that made my heart happy. I made sure to reassure them that they can absolutely be all of those things and more, if they continue their education and trust God to keep their path straight. Or in primary school words:

“work hard in school and pray every night!”

We then went out to play a very intense volleyball match against the 8th grade boys, the principal and the P.E teacher. They won 2, team SOHI won 1. Unfortunately my competitiveness didn’t stay at home.

After a sweaty and very fun game of volleyball, we went to one of David’s friend’s (John) house for lunch. Now let me tell you something.. When these people prepare a meal for guests, they PREPARE a meal for guests. Like, let’s feed not one army but TWO army’s. But in reality there’s 7 of us. And no, they will not let you take only one plate of food. You must take first, and seconds, and thirds, and oh here’s some soda and juice and also take some fruit to go. Now, don’t let me fool you to think I am complaining. These people that we have dined with have been SO generous. We will just be sending them all very colorful emails when we get home and step on the scale.

But really, this family was so generous, hospitable, kind, and welcoming. It was a joy to meet them.

We ended our evening with our last meal with the SOHI Kenya team. One of the biggest blessings about this trip was meeting the dream team. Michael, Grace, Elisha, and Joseph. What a crew! It only takes a couple of hours to learn that their hearts driven towards the Lord, and it is truly inspiring to see them at work. We will truly miss each and every one of them.

Tomorrow, we are off on our safari.

-SOHI Kenya Vision Trip Team, Anna Denham