Today was simple, but beautiful. The ladies spent the majority of the day with 15 school teachers from different parts of the area in a training for reusable menstruation pads. SOHI brought in a representative from Huru, a company out of Nairobi that produces reusable products such as pads, diapers, underwear, towels, and baby cloths. She trained the teachers to be able to teach the girls in their schools how to use these pads, take care of them, and make sure they are being sanitized. These women told stories of how their students have struggled with not having sanitary towels and how they have had to improvise with either old clothes or just missing school during that time. It was encouraging to hear about this product and I am sure even more encouraging for the teachers to have a possible solution for their students.

Again, some things you don’t think about being so blessed by until it slaps you in the face and you feel so privileged to have access to.

During this time, the boys were working on producing more latrines for the schools in the area.

Travis and David spent the day with the two Steves (Riesenweber and Spuler). They interviewed potential contractors for the ‘I Was Thirsty’ campaign and listened to a presentation on slightly modified latrine design. After the presentation they went to two sites that implemented this different design.

Next they viewed a couple farms partaking in the ‘Farming God’s Way’ initiative, as they traveled towards a secondary school. The results of the Chef’s (Chef of West Kanyaluo) farm were very impressive! He had pineapple, mangoes, beans, and a few other crops growing on a very rocky hillside. He was very encouraging and motivated to push the construction of a well near his property – which has an old water reservoir on a hillside, that could provide water to an enormous number of houses! He really has a heart to help the people.

Lastly, they went to Omboga Secondary School to test our the gantry system used to lift large rocks out of the pits dig during construction of the latrines. A couple slight modifications and the equipment will be perfect for its intended purpose.

Tomorrow, we learn from the experts and build bio sand filters.
Pray for us.

SOHI Vision Trip Team, Anna Denham