Good evening from Kendu Bay!

Today was a busy, long, hot day, productive and uplifting day!

We (most of the team) started with a 2 mile run with David at 6:30am, where we saw the sun rise (and swallowed a healthy amount of bugs). I am sure the Kenyans were making fun of the slow white people, but hey, we made it.

After breakfast we visited the assistant Chief of West Kanyaluo. All the meetings with the chiefs have been very encouraging, hearing their optimism towards all the work SOHI is doing.

Next we made a biosand filter! What a job it was. Our instructor, Evans, was the MAN. Super helpful and passionate about his work. He is a great part of the SOHI team. It was incredible how hard these men worked everyday to create these filters. They have a system that I am sure we interrupted, but they taught us and lead us through the process well and showed us how much manual labor it really takes to just make one. They make 6 in two hours, we made 1 in 1 hour. Yikes. We then delivered a biosand filter to a resident in the community and his family. This is the first time they will have clean drinking water available in their home. It was a beautiful and humbling moment as we dropped of the filter and showed them how to use it properly. They received it with praises the our Creator.

We ended the day visiting two high schools (Oyombe and Nyakango) where we engaged with students. The high schoolers at Nyakango had some amazing questions!! What is the meaning life? How do you find your purpose in Life? What is the ‘mark of the beast’? Why don’t Americans eat very much? (Oh trust me, Americans eat plenty). Just a really great group of kids! We got to weave in the message of Christ in our answers, which was a very uplifting experience.

SOHI Kenya Vision Trip Team, Anna Denham