Hi there!

We spent the majority of the day in meetings. Our first meeting was at 9am (started at 9:45, classic Kenyan time) which was the Educational Committee Team meeting. This committee consisted of a number of teachers in the surrounding area including a couple retired teachers. SOHI has been involved in completing new latrines at 4 of the surrounding schools in the area and are working on another 6 currently. Within the year, they hope to complete all 41 schools in the area as part of the I Was Thirsty campaign. During the meeting, the committee and the SOHI team went over how the latrines have been working and the feedback they have been getting from the students.

SOHI also helped organize, along with the education committee, a youth conference for students last August. The conference was a week long, focusing on helping guide the students find their purpose in life and in Christ. They had great success and feedback from this conference and are already starting to plan another for this August.

One thing that has been very refreshing is the fact that freedom of religion is practiced in Africa. Yes, our alarm clock is a man preaching the Quran outside our window, but we also are able to talk to the students IN schools ON school property about having a relationship with Christ, and to find their hope and joy in Him and let Him guide their path. So to hear that the educational committee not only was apart but lead a youth conference to help the students grow closer to the Lord is something that makes me want to fall to my knees and praise God for his work and hand in the freedom of religion the Kenyans have in their country. What a beautiful thing.

In between meetings we went to two farms that were putting Farming Gods Way into practice. We were able to see the fruits of their labor (so, so, so much labor) and how it has benefited their family and community. It was encouraging to see that FGW is benefiting many many farmers in the area and beginning to spread to neighbors and family members.

The next meeting was the Spiritual Committee. This committee consisted of pastors/representatives from the different churches in the area as well as the SOHI team. We talked about their progress in the community (teaching, speaking, and praying at schools, prisons, and markets) and any needs that needed to be spoken of. It was encouraging and a testament of how God is working through the different churches in the area to create one body.

-SOHI Kenya Vision Trip Team, Anna Denham