Today was short and sweet! We met with the Water Committee and the Economic Development Committee at Adiedo. Each meeting was around 2 hours long. We received an update of the progress made by each committee to-date in 2019. We brainstormed ways to advertise the various projects SOHI is involved in within the community. We also discussed some of the successes and struggles each committee is facing. Both meetings were encouraging for everyone.

We then went to David’s family home and shared a meal with some of his extended relatives. It was a traditional Kenyan meal, which we are getting a little more a custom to. We took pictures, told stories, and laughed a healthy amount – which this trip seems to be full of. The girls got to experience getting water from the nearest well, which offered a bit more laughs.

We then hit the road back the hotel earlier than the previous days for some much needed recovery.

SOHI Kenya Vision Trip Team, Anna Denham