Good Afternoon!

Today was another quick and simple day. Most of the team went to 4 different farms that are incorporating Farming Gods Way into their crops. It was a wonderful experience to not only see the progress it has made, but to also meet the different families and be welcomed into their homes. We were able to visit, get a tour of their farms, and pray Gods blessing over their families and their crops.

We came back and, surprisingly, we haven’t had much of an opportunity to get to know each other (individuals on the trip). So during our lunch (PB&H), we took the chance to share stories, relate to one another, laugh, and hear how God has worked in so many similar and different ways in our lives. It was a refreshing switch to dive into the lives of the people we have spent so much time with already, and to hear how God has moved and turned them to where they are today. What a blessing that was.

I hear we are having pizza tonight. Is African pizza the same as American pizza?

I’ll let you know.

-SOHI Kenya Vision Trip Team, Anna Denham