I know you are all dying to know. Yes, African pizza is pretty much the exact same as American pizza. Probably just a little less greasy and cholesterol loaded. But same same, right?

Today we started our morning with a delicious breakfast (the food at the hotel has been amazing) and headed off to church near Homa Bay where one of the SOHI team members, Grace, attends. This was quite a different experience than last time we went to church. The church that we attended last week was in a small village that didn’t have as much resources or building availability. The church we went to today was in a more established area and building with tile floors and glass windows. It was interesting to experience the difference in congregation, area, and physical structure. In the end, it didn’t matter where they were or where they met. Both congregations were worshiping the same Savior in the same country with the same intentions. Love everybody, always.

After church we went to Graces house to have lunch. We have been to a couple of homes that have provided us lunch, and we all feel so blessed to be fed a traditional Kenyan meal and experience different food. Which, by the way, the beef was delicious. Come to find out, it was liver and heart (Mom, I ate liver and heart!), but you know what they say- when in Kenya..?

On our way home, we stopped at a soap stone shop and got a tour of the facility and the process of making their products. They sell their products to World Market, so it was pretty neat to get walked through the process of the carving, sanding, waxing, and painting/design.

To end our night, to our surprise, the hotel threw us a farewell party with entertainment and all. The staff have been incredible and have turned into family through this fast week and a half. It has been wonderful to get to know them and we are sad to leave. Below are some pictures of our night. We laughed until our checks hurt, and also got laughed at because.. well.. we tried to dance with them. Little did we know we were the entertainment too.

Tomorrow is our last day here, then we head off early on Tuesday morning for our Safari!

Lots of pictures to come.

-SOHI Kenya Vision Trip, Anna Denham