Blog: June 26, 2019
What we accomplished yesterday in a 15 hour period was truly the hands of God. After an amazing night at the outdoor neighborhood outreach, we all were so tired but yet so encouraged how the Lord continued to move in the hearts of those around. We were able to sleep in and woke up to a true treat  – Tamales for breakfast! We had our team devotional and headed to the church.
Heidi was needing some help in clearing out the children’s ministry room. We collectively cleaned, organized, added a closet rod  for all of the props, arts and crafts supplies, and items used for outreach.  We had an hour after lunch to see “Mexico’s rodeo drive” where we found our favorite souvenirs and even pure vanilla for our favorite treats back at home.  We also learned to ask Charlie if he wanted our leftovers before we discarded them (except Tripe).
We arrived at church for the Wednesday evening message which was beautifully coordinated with Sunday’s message about being of spirit minded versus natural minded. We also got to hear Reese and McKenzie’s testimonies in front of the congregation. What an honor it is to watch our children help others to find and follow Jesus.
We enjoyed gourmet Mexican hotdogs for dinner and spent the evening talking about all of the good things God is doing in the lives of those around us.
We have so enjoyed our journey. Even now, arriving at the mission center there is laughter and community on the bus!  Our hearts have bonded in Puerto Peñasco serving our Great God.
Thank you all for your continued prayers! We have definitely felt them throughout our time here.
Dios te Bendiga – God bless you!
~The Harkness Family