The last day of our trip…first day of the rest of our journey together. It’s not over, it’s only begun…cause God’s not done!!…

This last day started early with a real treat. Heidi & Conrad took us to a local breakfast restaurant called Candy Cake and it did not disappoint!

Then we headed out for the once again very hot bus ride. At some points, the reading outside was over 106 degrees. So though the bus has AC, there is just no way that it can keep up. Our last hours together were spent in more conversation, laughter, sharing pictures, games, and of course some much needed sleep.

At the airport, we headed our separate ways but with the promise to meet up again real soon.

I honestly could not have hand selected a better group of families. Each family brought a unique skill set that God knew we would need. Words can not express how instantly and completely perfect we all got along and worked together. It’s hard to believe we were once strangers at all. And so, we are now looking for opportunities to continue community, service and mission together at Life Center….

As I look back on the trip, I realize once again, that we didn’t go to Mexico to do something new. Yes it may be new to us, but God has already been at work there. So when we answer the call to “go!”, we get the awesome privilege to join God in what He is already doing. This actually applies to everyone everywhere, but somehow, going to another country…getting away from distractions…giving up control…facing fears…and doing that with strangers is where God’s presence is felt in a whole new way. “Going” also reminds us that our God is the one true God of all the nations, that we have brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world, and last (the motto of Penasco Christian Fellowship) “We don’t go to church, WE ARE THE CHURCH!”

Thank you God for calling us to go! We praise you and give you all the glory!
And many thanks to all of you for your prayers and support!
Dios te bendiga!