Pastor Joe Wittwer

Pastor Joe Wittwer

Joe came to Life Center in 1978 as the lead pastor and primary speaker. The easiest way to contact him is to see him after any Sunday service; he would be happy to meet you. You can also email or call the office at 509.327.4422 to speak with Alicia, his assistant.

Joe and Laina married in 1975 and have five children with a growing number of grandchildren.

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Ministry Leaders

We want to help you help people find and follow Jesus! Have a question about a specific ministry area? Shoot us an email or call the office at 509.327.4422 and our receptionist will help connect you!

Youth Ministries

Adaptive Learning | Tara Robbins |
Nursery | Rachel Archer |
Preschool-K | Kari Papst |
Elementary | Sam Schad |
Elementary | Zach Saugen |
Jr. High (7-8 Grade) | Robyn Schad |
Sr. High (9-12 Grade) | Isaiah Hollister |

Adult Ministries

College Age (18-25) | David Lewellyn |
NW Leadership College | Josh Schiel |
Women & Couples | Ginger Siemens |
Men & Groups | Kenny Carlson |
Rooted | Corey Clarke |
Recovery | Shaun Stone |
Serve Director | Shelbi Starr |
International Missions | Angela Huntley |