Yes to Jesus

Welcome to a new life! Jesus made following him simple it’s about loving God and loving people. 

First—share this news with someone you know, and with us!

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What next?

Get to know Jesus, and get to know us.

Get to know Jesus by reading the Bible and praying

It will teach you how to recognize his voice, help you make wise decisions, and give him the opportunity to speak directly into your life.

Jesus’ story is recorded in the new testament by four authors: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Start reading through them one chapter at a time. For each passage you read, ask yourself:

  • What does this say about Jesus? About me?
  • How is Jesus calling me to think or act?

At Life Center, we always have a plan we’re reading and you can also just jump in wherever we are – it’s helpful to be reading together in the same place! Find details here.

Get to know us by attending and participating

It’s tough to do things alone, so Jesus put us together in the Church. Here are three ways to start connecting:

  1. Get to know people quicker! If you’re attending online, say hello and engage in the chat! If you’re attending in person, attend the same service, sit in the same area, and introduce yourself!
  2. Join a group for friendship and spiritual growth; new groups start throughout the year and meet for 8-10 weeks in person and online. Read more about Groups here.
  3. Volunteer! It’s a low key way to meet people and we’d love the help!

Always growing

Here are four ongoing practices everyone can take to build a relationship with Jesus:

Gather each weekend to worship, learn, and connect

Grow a relationship with Jesus through Bible reading 

Connect in a Group for friendship and spiritual growth

Give your life away through service and generosity

Stay connected throughout the week!

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